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3D Bioprinting

3D Bioprinting Systems designed and developed to make your research even greater.


Microfluidic automated pumping systems and microfluidic chips for tissue modeling and study.

Cell Culture

Everything you need to put your tissue engineering research in motion.


Everything You Need for Your Research

Protocols and more resources for getting started in using state-of-the-art technologies in your research.

We are commited to the devolpment and application of disruptive technologies for research.

From bone tissue to tablets 3D printing. See what our clients are using our products for.

Three Spheres. One Mission.

To save Lives and to improve the quality of Life by using and developing new technologies.

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What Researchers Are Doing

Skin treatment by 3D printed structures with biomaterials.

PhD. Élida Hermida

Lab3Bio, National University of San Martín

3D printing with collagen for tissue engineering applications.

PhD. Mariana Cid

Organic Chemistry Lab, National University of Córdoba

Tablets 3D printing for low-incidence pathologies tratment.

PhD. Santiago Palma

Pharmaceutical Technology Unit, CONICET

Bone tissue regeneration application of the 3D bioprinting technology.

PhD. Ricardo Rojas

Institute of Physical Chemistry, National University of Córdoba

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