Humanizing Technology

At Life SI we create solutions by developing tomorrow’s state-of-the-art technology. We aim to push forward the boundaries of our Quality of Life.

3D Bioprinting Service

3D printing with biological, biocompatible and other materials.

Printability Assay Service

Printability assay for materials provided by the client, using our 3D printing systems for research.

3D-Res:  Bioprinting system

3D Printing System for Biological/Biocompatible Materials

Design Service

Design of specific structures or conversion of medical imagining studies.

About Us

Life SI

Advances in our developments are a direct consequence of the interaction and synergy between our Team and our Scientific Advisors.

We know that this synergy between technological developments and scientific advances has the potential to positively affect the quality of Life of people, and that´s our goal.

Life SI

The Perfect blend Between Technology and Humanity


We´ve devloped a 3D printing system researchers with the versatility for printing with the diversity of materials that your research area requires.


3D printing with materials provided by the client or specific materials.



3D Bioprinting hands-on course – 3D Bioprinting Seminars – Presentations, White Papers, Publications.




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