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3D ​Bioprinting system

3D Printing System for Biological/Biocompatible Materials

We´ve devloped a 3D printing system researchers with the versatility for printing with the diversity of materials that your research area requires.

Tested Applications:

· Tissue Engineering: Scaffolds Biofabrication

· 3D Cell Culture

· Development of New Pharmaceutical Forms 

· Food 3D Printing

We constantly move forward in developing the Bioprinter and its software, based on the users feedback. This allow us to create an intuitive system for researchers and exploding all the potencialities of the 3D printing technology.

– 3D-Res 3D Bioprinting System for Research

– 3D-Ed: Educational 3D Bioprinting System

Life SI

A-Live: Automated Microfluidcs Pumping System

Life SI



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